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Bilateral Slovak-Norwegian cooperation

Av: Tore Sandberg | Publisert: 04.04.2017 13:35:35


Discover, learn and protect - the project of bilateral Slovak-Norwegian cooperation

The project main activity was to develop cooperation between Slovak and Norwegian partner schools focused on organising seminar in Norway on the mutual exchange of best practice in educational environmental fields and exploration of differences and common features of both countries.
Within this project, the group of 11 Slovaks visited Koppang on 24 - 28 October 2016. They were all from the Slovak school in Častá (1 English teacher, 1 teacher of biology and geography, 1 teacher of biology and environmental sciences, 1 special pedagogist and school director, another special pedagogist and 6 pupils - 4 of them from the 4th class and 2 of them from the 8th class.

The first day of stay on Norway,Slovak group visited Slovak Embassy in Oslo. Next day, Slovak group visited elementary school in Koppang, the organiser of NO-SK seminar, where was welcomed by the school director Hilde Solvang and introduced to teachers and pupils of the school. They sung school anthem for visitors. Slovak group sung Slovak anthem in return and gave their hosts gifts from Slovakia - traditional Modra ceramics, t-shirts and chocolade with logos of Slovak school and the NFM. The total number of seminar participants was 41, in it 11 participants of Slovak group.

The Slovak group had presentations about Slovak educational system, about the way of learning in their school. Slovak pupils presented the way of learning to falconry and all together participated in little quiz about birds with motivational gifts at its end. After lunch, Slovak group had guided tour through school premises including kindergarden premises and watched real lessons. Slovak pupils participated in football match and visited  local gym, dance studio and cinema. Next day, they travelled to  near town Evenstadt with environmental faculty of Hedmark University  and watched presentation about comparison of Slovak and Norwegian  wild nature predators and monitoring systems applied on squirrels. They have seen real mooses. The next day, Slovak group visited Norwegian forestry museum in Elverum with presentations about history and current importance of forestry and hunting  for Norwegian people. Slovaks had guided tour through Nature museum and a presentation about birds  and bird hunting in Norway.

One part of the program was also eating traditional Norwegian food and attending musical concert in the evening together with Norwegian pupils.  (presentation, cartoon quiz, learning tools can be found at the following link: http://zscasta.sk/zakladna-skola/projekty/ochrana-dravcov---norsky-projekt)

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