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Welcome to Stor-Elvdal - a municipality in the midst of Østerdalen

Publisert: 27.05.2013 15:03:33

​​ Half way between Trondheim and Oslo you find Stor-Elvdal. Its 540 000 square miles make it one of the largest municipalities in Norway, almost as large as Vestfold County.

The national road RV3 is the main road through the valley, and the fastest road between Trondheim and Oslo. You can also cross over from Gudbrandsdalen via Folldal or Ringebu. Both roads connect with national road RV3 in Atna. FV30 takes you through Koppang through Rendalen to Tynset, where you can take RV 3 again.

The big elk (Storelgen) in Stor-Elvdal municipality is the world's largest elk-sculpture. It is situated at Bjøråa by the national road RV3.

The name Stor-Elvdal, which means big river valley, comes from Glomma, Norway's biggest river, which runs through the municipality for 62 miles.

Glomma and its tributaries, among them Atna and Imsa, give rich opportunities for watersport and fishing. In the area near Koppang the river widens out and gives room for a very spesial landscape with many islands.

Only about 1 % of the total land area is used for farming or housing. As much as 45 % of the total land area is covered by forest, and as much as 54% is mountains and other nature areas.

With less than 2500 residents, there is certainly plenty of room for each and every one of us, and room for many more - both permanent residents and visitors!

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